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(Strength, Weakness, Opportunity & Challenges)

1.     Institutional Strengths (S):

a)     Dynamic & Visionary direction of the Principal.

b)    Tactful guidance of IQAC.

c)     100% of faculty members are Ph.D.

d)    Good results in University Exams.

e)     Wi-Fi networking with internet connectivity.

2.     Institutional Weakness (W):

a)     Large numbers of faculty positions are vacant.

b)    Shortage of classrooms and Seminar halls.

c)     Poor attendance of students in classes.

d)    Lack of Sports infrastructure.

 3.     Institutional Opportunities (O):

a.      Location advantage for the local poor students.

b.      Good number of students admitted in this institution.

c.      Increasing number of girls’ students per year which   exhibits awareness of females about education.

4.     Institutional Challenges (C):

a)        Getting affiliation of P.G. courses and encouraging Research activities.

b)       Opening vocational courses like BBA, BCA, B.Ed. and Study Centre of IGNOU, Nalanda Open University etc.

c)        Modernization of Laboratories.

d)       Arrangement of National Seminars/Symposia etc.

e)        Encouragement of faculty members to apply for Research projects.